Monday, November 1, 2010

Big 2-5 and Day 5!

Well I turned 25 on Sunday. Seriously...I feel old now. My birthday weekend was wonderful though! Friday we went to my parents and ate part of my birthday cupcake cake. They were strawberry cupcakes just like part of my wedding cake! Mmmmmmmm! I love having a Halloween birthday. It's fun, and I always get a fall/pumpkin/candy themed cake! On saturday we went to the razorback game, but stopped at Copelands to eat birthday lunch with our parents. It was DELICIOUS! I got gumbo, and crawfish etouffee. On sunday we went to church, took a glorious nap, and worked the bowling booth at the church fall festival. It was a busy weekend. Oh yeah I got gifts! I got a nice oreck vacuum from my parents, a shark hand vac from my in-laws, and season 1 of Glee from my hubby! Yeah I totally asked for a vacuum for my birthday. *sigh* I'm so old. Oh yeah and my friend/coworker gave me a bunch of dirty items from Spencer's gift for the 12 days of Sexmus haha!


Kyle has been a crazy wonderful blessing this weekend! I mean he's always a blessing, but he was like above and beyond awesome! Not like that you perverts! He has been such an encouragement. He's very positive, and talks about how God has put us through this to show us His love and how to be patient. Kyle said "He's going to give us a beautiful blessing baby one day". He's also been hilarious, and flirty. I feel like we are back to dating/engaged again sometimes! We get to go on a date this week to a movie since we were too busy this weekend! We are going to hold hands! I love my husband!

Baby Making

Today I started clomid (Day 5)! I woke up all excited! I almost choked while swallowing it because I was so excited! No side effects so far. I feel confident that we are going in the right direction. Kyle thinks it will work this first time around because of the statistics, and the only problem we are having is that I stopped ovulating. I hope he's right. I want to be a mother. I want to have a little piece of me and Kyle (that will totally be adorable). I want to be pregnant. I want to feel the alien baby move inside me, and let Kyle feel it too. I want to watch my fat turn into a nice preggo shape. I want to get the drugs that help me give birth because we all know how low my pain tolerance is :) I want to hold my precious baby, and play with it's little baby hair while it sleeps! It's God's timing though, and I have to TRUST that He will give us that miracle one day.

So I laughed when I read articles that say one of clomid's side effects is multiples. I didn't know babies could be a side effect. I would not do well with multiples, haha. One is enough for me at one time! I am ready to use my baby names though! Allie and Harrison....I'll be waiting for you!

A big shout out to Sarah and Melissa for being such amazing supporters! You two are such wonderful blessings to me! I appreciate everything!


Kyle and I are addicted to zombie movies/tv shows again. The new show called The Walking Dead on AMC is AWESOME!!!!

Random Thought

One of the most embarrassing things to me is when my stomach growls, or I need to fart and my stomach makes a weird sound. :)

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