Saturday, November 6, 2010

Game on!

Update: All the parent drama has calmed down some. My dad went to the doctor and found out blood pressure meds were causing some mild depression, and he had all kinds of other tests because he's very overweight. I called my mom out on all their crap. Of course, she swept it under a rug like always and hasn't mentioned it since. If we don't talk about it, it doesn't exist :(


Last night was date night! We went to the mall to eat, and then saw Red. I feel like a teenager when we go eat in the food court. The movie was really funny and action packed! Bruce Willis is the only man who can pull off that bald look, and be sexy. We held hands through most of the movie :) I was wearing jeans, turtleneck, pullover, and a scarf. Towards the end of the movie I started having a horrible hot flash! I ripped off the scarf, and my headache was now throbbing. I felt like I was going through menopause. My hubs was sweet, and held my hand again. I was ok until the movie was over. The nice 40 degrees weather made me feel better! We both get so giddy when we go on date night. Our 2nd or 3rd date was to see American Gangster with my parents haha. We held hands for the first time :) We kissed on our first date though...we are weird. Today we had saturday morning snuggle time! It's so cute and funny. He tried to put his feet in my face, and said "this is how it would be if I didn't have arms". Weirdo! Today we are going to make pioneer woman chili, and some sugar cookies for tonights game watching with our parents.

Baby Making

The last clomid was taken at 8:18am yesterday! Let the baby making begin! I've been tracking my basal temp, but it's so random I think I'm doing it wrong. I need to just wake up, grab the thermometer, and take it then. I think I'm moving the blanket off me, and its make my temp off. My "lady" was weird! It was a full cycle, but seriously.....3 months of no "lady" looks weird. Don't worry, I won't go into details. I started peeing on ovulation sticks today, no ovulation today! Ok I hate the term ovulation so we are going to change it to "waving" or "wave". Because when I do "wave" my body is saying "HEY, baby up! Get to work!!"

So I was trying to find a different term for ovulation, and Kyle suggested looking on urban dictionary. This is what it said:

Ovulation (Oh-vu-lai-sion), -noun, -verb. Noun, (plural form: Ovulations) Any crusty cake, e.g. brownie, which is made by a woman who is in the middle of her menstrual cycle Verb, Ovulate When a woman, or occasionaly a man, bakes any crusty cake, e.g. brownie, during his/hers/its menstrual cycle.
Foreign Dude: Hey man, these taste awesome. Are they brownies?

Chill, Non-Foreign Dude: Nah, they are ovulations, my girlfriend made them, it was that time of the month anyway.

Dude to another dude: My girlfriend is so great at ovulating, the brownies she can ovulate are simply the best.

GROSS!!!!!!!!! I should have known better than to look on there.

So yeah...I'm ready for this! I'm still nervous, but praying everyday that God will continue to show me that He is in control! I'm praying for a squishy sperm finding it's perfect egg. My eggs are Grade A, get it?? haha! Happy 12 Days of Sexmus everyone!

So my little readers, would ya'll say a prayer for me this month?


I love to vacuum! I could vacuum all day! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new oreck I got for my birthday! It's light, and gets the job done! I also like my little shark vac because I can clean my baseboards (which I have never done hehe) and my couches! If I could ignore dishes, mopping, and laundry and ONLY vacuum I'd be the best housewife! There is still 3 loads of laundry on the couch waiting to be folded. I am pretty sure it's been there for 2 weeks. I hate folding because I know they'll have to be put up! I get to vacuum in a little bit :):):)

Last week I went to see Fiddler on the Roof at the convention center. My bud Sarah H. was supposed to go, but she had an emergency to deal with. So...we gave her ticket to my mom. It was AMAZING! I freakin' love that musical! They did a great job, and I'm glad it was off broadway, and not lame college kids.

Random Thought

I love the movie Shutter Island! Kyle bought it for my for my b-day! If you haven't seen it, go rent it!

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