Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick update

Nurse called and my progesterone blood test showed I did ovulate. No shiz...I already knew that! Stupid test only told me that one thing. Now I see if dear old evil "lady" shows up. If not, I'll start peeing on sticks like crazy! Good news..clomid works. Good news..if I have to take it again I stay at the same dosage. Not so good news..I don't know if I'm preggo or not :( GARRRRR I should be thankful, but I'm frustrated.

Now to have food therapy...PW pecan pie!!!!

Update: I'm ok now. I had my small moment of frustration. I'm doing great right now! I realized that I could still be preggo, and to just give it some time to "season". OR I have good chances of conceiving in the upcoming months. making!!

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