Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bad Week

This week has sucked!

We took my precious Dottie to the Humane Society on thursday :( We couldn't find a home for her, and they had an opening that day. She was tearing up the cord on our air conditioner unit, wood on our desk, tearing out sheet rock in our garage, and destroying anything she could find. She barked all the time for no reason. Vet said she was bored somehow. We have talked about what to do for a few months, and we finally decided that we had to get rid of her. We aren't going so spend $400+ to retrain her because who knows if that will work and it could take months. Also we now have over $300 worth of damage to fix from her. She is a playful big puppy! She likes to have her belly rubbed, and wants to sit in your lap. She needs a home that has little kids who can run around with her and play all day. We work all day, and don't have the time and I sure don't have the energy to give her the attention she deserves. We have our other lab Abby, but she is 3 years old and not in that hyper puppy stage. If I wasn't pregnant we would have kept her probably. We were concerned that she would cause more damage, and bark when we had a newborn all the time. We aren't bad pet owners. I feel like one though. We really tried with her. I cry every single time I think about her. When we dropped her off she was sooooooooooooo sweet and good! She was playful, and obeyed. The lady at the humane society probably thought we were weird for bringing in such a sweet puppy. It made it worse that she was so perfect at that moment. We both cried when we left. Heck, we still cry about it. It has been hard the past few days to deal with her being gone. The silence is WEIRD! I miss her crazy hyper precious face :( Hopefully she will be adopted soon. They said they would call us when she is adopted :)

I miss you, and love you very much! I hope you are adopted by a wonderful family!

It was inevitable that I would get sick. I am constantly around kids at work, and the flu/cold/sinuses/stomach bug has exploded around there. I started to feel crummy on Thursday morning, and it only got worse and worse. I am pretty sure I either had a bad sinus infection or a head cold. It didn't help that I cried most of thursday about giving Dottie away. I didn't have body aches, just a runny nose and I felt like my head was going to explode at any moment! Thank goodness it wasn't the flu! Kyle and I went to walgreens to find me medicine that was on my approved pregnancy list. I was so worried to take any medicine, but I needed it. Sudafed is what worked best. I tried to not take more than 2 a day. I was miserable. I quarantined myself to our guest bedroom just in case I was contagious. I hate sleeping alone! I snuck in to snuggle with Kyle a few times, but I immediately started coughing or sneezing. I am a horrible patient, and loathe being sick. I could not get to sleep, and woke up from 2-4 every morning. I started feeling better today so yay!

So it has taken me 13 weeks to vomit during this pregnancy. I started gagging on friday when I put my prenatal vitamin in my mouth them BAM....hello toliet! It was gross. I didn't even feel nauseous. I took my vitamin the next day and was fine. Must have been a bad gagging moment. I'm starting to feel pukey again today probably because of all the drainage. I feel much better today, but still weak. I ate chicken noodle soup varieties all weekend. Chicken and Stars is the best! I've lost 4lbs! I'm hoping to get under 200lbs by March. I don't expect to gain much in this pregnancy. I'm really trying to be healthy eating salads and lots of fruits.

I have had a few off weeks where I wasn't giving 100% and I hate it. I got behind on stuff, and stressed. I'm making a few changes tomorrow to lessen the stress some. I need to get back on track, and back to rockin'!

Time to think Positive!
Alright no more griping about my bad week. Time to talk about the good things. Here's 10 good things about this week!

1. Kyle and I have been working hard to keep our house picked up all week, and we succeeded!
2. I got caught up on some movies on the DVR!
3. Finally started writing in the pregnancy calendar my mom bought me for Christmas.
4. Ate healthy stuff like salads for lunch.
5. Stayed hydrated while sick.
6. Started having crazy worries about Baby T being affected by my sickness, and immediately starting praying. God calmed me!
7. I can feel my uterus! It's a hard spot down near my growing pudgie. Yeah pudgie. It kind of blends in with my fat, but I can tell where I'll start showing first. I'm ready to feel/look pregnant.
8. Started being emotional over every little thing haha
9. Praised God for such a wonderful helpful husband!
10. Trying to be an encouragement to friends by praying for them, and being open about it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ho Hum

A ton of kids at school have the stomach bug or the flu. SCARY! I share an office with my co-worker in the nurse's office. All those sickies are around me all day. I am praying so hard that I do not get sick. I think taking a vitamin helps, and using hand sanitizer all day.

I feel crummy today. I'm exhausted. So exhausted I could fall asleep right now. I ate chili cheese tots for breakfast which probably wasn't the best choice. I had a delicious salad and yogurt for lunch though! Kyle picked up Taco Bell for dinner, and I almost gagged eating my chili cheese burrito. It wasn't bad, but one certain bite was icky. I feel like I am going back to having a hard time wanting to eat, or having any idea what I want. Wait...I still could eat a salad 24/7 though :) I have felt good this whole 13 weeks, and I am finally being thankful. I thank God every night for feeling so good. I still get a little stupid, and think "is the baby still there?" but again I remember what my friend said "Meagan, it doesn't just fall out, and you would know if something was wrong". I can feel my uterus a little bit. It's a little hard knot thing. I'm rambling. I'm sorry.

I am currently watching Julie and Julia. This movie is so cute! I have cried 5 times so far in it for no reason!!!! Stupid hormones. I have random crying fits. I was so hateful and grumpy to Kyle earlier, and now I just want him home to snuggle. I am becoming clingy. I want him here at all times just to be around. At night I hug him, and just thank God for bringing such a wonderful man in my life. Crying again fyi! Kyle is so wonderful! He is helpful, kind, and hilarious. I want him to get done with choir so I can hug him!

Ok that's all I have. Maybe I'll get some good sleep tonight!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

12 Weeks

So I'm in the safe zone!!!! Everything has gone great so far! I feel pretty good most of the time. I had a big huge post planned, but I need to get caught up on some work. I'll post it when I get time.

I'm doing my 12 week update now even though it's not technically until tomorrow

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 12 Weeks
Size of baby: About 2 inches long
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Lost 5lbs!
Maternity Clothes: Still in my normal fat girl clothes
Gender: No idea, but I find out at my appt. in March!
Movement: None :(
What I miss: Sleeping through the night!
Cravings: Salad, but NO chicken. Chicken is grossing me out!
Symptoms: Mostly tiredness, still have to tell myself to eat because I never feel hungry, a little bit of nausea, and stupid indigestion
Best Moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat again on monday! It's still there!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

10 Weeks

Well I keep inching closer and closer to the "safe zone". I have an appointment in a little over a week, woop woop! I hope I get another ultrasound or something. I still get nervous that I won't hear a heartbeat. It's crazy, but I always think somethings wrong with me when I don't have a lot of symptoms. I have to keep telling myself that I have to trust God, and that every woman is different when pregnant. Here's my 10 week information:

How far along: 10 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain: 0 pounds! Pretty sure I have lost 3-5lbs somewhere. I need to buy new bras. Seriously...I'll be in a size "Z" by the time this kid gets here.

Size and growth of the baby: Apparently it's the size of a kumquat. Yeah go ahead...I giggled when I heard that word too. I remember it being a "dirty" word we called people in junior high. Apparently its a fruit, good to know.

Sex: Too soon to tell, but everyone I know wants me to have a boy. Lots of people say its a boy because I haven't been sick really.

Maternity clothes: None yet although my mom and I went to the maternity stores to look at stuff. I have a few shirts, and a dress that I can wear eventually. I still live in my fat comfy pants, but that's been normal for years haha. Oh and bras must be purchased soon.

Sleep: I get exhausted throughout the day and am usually asleep by 9 or 10 at night. However I am now getting up to pee at random times in the night.

Best moment(s) of the week: Reaching the 10 week mark problem free!

Movement: To soon to feel anything yet which BLOWS

Food cravings/aversions: Caesar salad=YUMMY in my tummy! Chicken smell=Gross! I don't have a big appetite, and have to tell myself to eat. I stare at my food, and then slowly eat it.

Morning sickness: Not bad at all. I sometimes feel queasy, but it doesn't last long. Usually I just need to eat something, or take a Tums.

Symptoms: Freaking tired all the time. A few headaches here and there. If my stomach is empty it lets me know, and makes me eat!

Labor signs: Uhm...non existent. My doors are staying closed for a while.

Belly button in or out: In..big time. It's like a cave!

What I miss: I fall asleep better, but I don't stay asleep. I toss and turn a lot, and I HATE sleeping on my sides and back only.

What I'm looking forward to: Being out of the first trimester in a few weeks. I'm ready for my appointment on the 17th!

I officially have my first craving! Drumroll....................................................................................................
Caesar Salad! I noticed that every time I go to a restaurant that is the one thing I order with anything. In New Orleans I would get gumbo, and randomly order a caesar salad everyday. I give myself some credit for having a healthy craving. Yes, I think caesar salad dressing is healthy. I'm totally going to get some salad dressing from olive garden soon. It's only $5!

Funny story
For once I was on my way to work super early, and realized I had no gas to get there. I stopped at the gas station by Ben Geren, and when I got out the car I immediately smelled convenient store greasy chicken and gasoline. I had to go inside and dry heave for about 3 minutes. During the wonderful moment hanging over the toliet, I sneezed....and peed myself. *SIGH* I ran out of there, and went straight home to change. How embarassing right!? I have serious smell issues with chicken. If I'm near it, I'll eat it and its all good. I just can't stand the thought of it, and especially nasty convenient store chicken. That's really the only food issue I have thank goodness.

Kyle and I went to New Orleans this week....CAJUN FOOD IS INCREDIBLE!!! New Orleans is lame, but the food...oh my gosh.................YUM!!! I could eat gumbo and any kind of etoufee alllllll day!

Ok bye...gotta go to a 2 year olds birthday party