Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ho Hum

A ton of kids at school have the stomach bug or the flu. SCARY! I share an office with my co-worker in the nurse's office. All those sickies are around me all day. I am praying so hard that I do not get sick. I think taking a vitamin helps, and using hand sanitizer all day.

I feel crummy today. I'm exhausted. So exhausted I could fall asleep right now. I ate chili cheese tots for breakfast which probably wasn't the best choice. I had a delicious salad and yogurt for lunch though! Kyle picked up Taco Bell for dinner, and I almost gagged eating my chili cheese burrito. It wasn't bad, but one certain bite was icky. I feel like I am going back to having a hard time wanting to eat, or having any idea what I want. Wait...I still could eat a salad 24/7 though :) I have felt good this whole 13 weeks, and I am finally being thankful. I thank God every night for feeling so good. I still get a little stupid, and think "is the baby still there?" but again I remember what my friend said "Meagan, it doesn't just fall out, and you would know if something was wrong". I can feel my uterus a little bit. It's a little hard knot thing. I'm rambling. I'm sorry.

I am currently watching Julie and Julia. This movie is so cute! I have cried 5 times so far in it for no reason!!!! Stupid hormones. I have random crying fits. I was so hateful and grumpy to Kyle earlier, and now I just want him home to snuggle. I am becoming clingy. I want him here at all times just to be around. At night I hug him, and just thank God for bringing such a wonderful man in my life. Crying again fyi! Kyle is so wonderful! He is helpful, kind, and hilarious. I want him to get done with choir so I can hug him!

Ok that's all I have. Maybe I'll get some good sleep tonight!

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