Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 18


I got bored while Kyle was out the other day, and started watching some of our shows on the dvr. I couldn't help it! It's our thing, and I killed it! He was a little upset. I'm such a jerk. Tonight we are watching alllllll our shows so he's ok :) I make sure to sing the theme songs extra loud to make up for it!

Baby Making

This has been the longest month ever!
Today is CD18. The opk thing has been a freakin' awesome help! According to the tests I have "waved" sometime over the past few days. Now I wait...............


Melissa! I got part of your gift in the mail yesterday, and I'm still waiting on the next one. We can meet up when I get it in ok?

What should I make for thanksgiving this year? I usually bring a side and a dessert. Help!


  1. OH YAY!! Can't wait. I have some awesome recipe ideas...I make the best sweet potato casserole and I am a dessert queen ;-) Let me know what kind of dessert you are thinking about.

  2. I like to make casseroles and pies. Not a big sweet potato fan which is weird because I LOVE potatoes.