Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today I was in the zone at work! I was like a crazy chicken running around trying to solve problems one kid at a time. I was worn out, and just wanted to leave by 3:15!

After work I had the honor of meeting up with a blogger/mutual friend. Melissa rocks! She has been a blessing from God since I started talking to her. She is such an encouragement, and a wonderful new friend! God has worked miracles in her life, and she can share her story with me. She has been the best help! I realize more and more that God is in control, and He puts people in my life to show me that. We had the best 2 hour chat! I learned stuff, and she is an incredible person! I am so excited to meet little Jorja in January!

Here are my shout outs!

Melissa-Thank you for being my new bff! We need to hang out again!

Sarah K.-Thank you for introducing me to Melissa, and being such a good friend too! I love that I can randomly vent or text you retarded things and you get me!

Ryan P.- You help me so much with your advice and just letting me read your blog! I know more about zygote's and uterine lining because of you!

Kyle- I love you. Thank you for being such an understanding husband who loves me no matter what. You are my rock, and I would fall down a cliff without you. Let's hold hands!


-I peed on a stick this morning knowing that it would be negative. I'm stupid. I wasn't upset when I saw no second line, but I was thinking "Meagan you are an idiot, the possible baby is not ready to let you know yet you ding dong".

-I don't know if I can give up hot steamy baths when I get pregnant. I love them too much! I love my skin to be all red and steamy!

-I am becoming more and more comfortable with the term "pregnant" everyday.

-I totally think I have pregnancy symptoms that don't even make sense. It's too early for anything.

-I still giggle when I think of the awkward ultrasound because the stupid evil object looks like a dildo. I'm going to laugh when I have to go to an ultrasound later when Kyle is with me.

-I just ordered my mom and mother-in-laws Christmas gifts on etsy. I'm addicted.

-I have imaginary children so that I can practice saying "come here Allie Kate and Harrison!". Ok maybe I don't actually have imaginary kids, but I have daydreams.

-This waiting game is killing me! God just slap me over the head and tell me to be patient!

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