Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's up


I miss Kyle. We have been so busy this week that we have barely seen each other. I was at one awesome girls night last night! Hi Whitney!! Thanks for reading my blog :) When I got home I was exhausted, and went to bed. Today I went to dinner/movie with my daddy, and Kyle will be at choir until 9. We've been irritable, and poopy to each other. I just want him to come home, and we can hold hands while watching our shows.

We made a plan for the holidays recently. Last year didn't work so well so we needed to make a written in stone plan. That is the most stressful thing about marriage so far. Obviously we both want to do our family traditions, but they all happen at the same freakin' time! We made a plan that was fair. Stupid compromising! I hate being an adult! Basically we will switch off years which time of day we visit with each family. It's fair. Glad that discussion is over.

Baby Making

I am about to go crazy! I try not to think about it. I am wondering if it worked. I know its WAY too early to tell...I know I know. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I just want to know yay or nay so I can go from there. I might go crazy.


Work has been really frustrating me. Not my actual job, just being in a school. I can't do my job and be a teacher/disciple person no matter how much I want to. Some days I wonder if I should teach, then five minutes later I change my mind. I have talked to school people there about it, and I really think they'd hire me. There is no job though :( I can't decide what I want. I LOVE my job, but part of me would like to teach special education or ALE. I don't know. We'll see what God shows me. He has a plan, and he's doing amazing things in my life. I'm blessed to have a job I love to go to everyday no matter how frustrated I get sometimes.

Random Thought

Why do I hum inappropriate words, or sing inappropriate songs that I make up? I'm such a weirdo. I became a pervert when I got married.

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