Sunday, November 7, 2010

Church breakdown

Get ready!

The following comes from the same chick who made comments to me a month or so ago. I TOTALLY forgot to blog about this crazy story from last weekend. I'm sorry. I told a few people, and never blogged. So she announced that she is pregnant in SS. I was kind of ridiculous about it in my own head, and told Kyle "I think I died a little". I was wrong for being that way, but she had no idea I thought/said that. Well that night at the Fall Festival I told her to rub that pregnancy dust on me or something like that. We were laughing about it, and she says "I know you were completely devastated in class today. I know you, and I know how you think. I'd feel the same way too if I were in you." and then proceed to remind me that she "knows me and my thinking". I was pissed. I'm glad she's pregnant. Yay for her, but DO NOT try to tell me how I think when we are NOT close friends, and RARELY talk. Grrr I fumed about that for a while. It hurt! It was already hard enough hearing pregnancy announcements, but to say what she did was unnecessary.

Today I'm sitting in SS, and telling that one chick that I couldn't make it to a baby shower for a girl in our class today because I had a family lunch to go to. She was like "well it doesn't start until 2". I thought about it, and said I could try to make it if its ok to be late. She looked at me and said "You never come to anything. You know that if you don't come to their baby showers, they won't come to yours". Wow, did that really need to be said? True, but you don't say that. Then someone else announces they are pregnant. Seriously, its in the water! We are like one of 4 couples not pregnant. It's crazy. Later I was sitting in church before the service started and texting my bestie Sarah H. Suddenly she was right next to me! Perfect timing! She was mad about what that chick said. I was ok, and told my MIL about it who was on the other side of me. She was very comforting, and telling me I need to tell the chick to be more sensitive. I was ok, and then a few minutes later the tears started streaming. I could not stop them. Then the beginning stages of completely bawling started, and I decided to head to the bathroom. I almost lost it. I could not stop crying, and I was about to hyperventilate. My MIL was INCREDIBLE at calming me down. She told me how God had an amazing plan for us, and OUR baby would happen in His time. She was so comforting, and I love her for it. She started crying too. All I could say was "It's just so hard sometimes". Then she gave me advice on what to say to crazy lady later. It took me forever to calm down. THEN my lovely best buddy/therapist/coworker came in to comfort me to. She freakin' rocks! She is so calm, and knows exactly what to say. Haha I had a therapy session in the church bathroom! I was better, but still very teary eyed. A girl in my SS class gave me a hug during singing time. I LOVE people like that who don't try to pry, but give me an encouraging hug or thought. So tonight I sent a message to all the girls in my SS class who saw me upset minus that one chick. I thanked them for being comforting, and explained my fertile issues. I feel better.

I have the most awesome best friend/coworker ever! Tonight we had girl fun. We went to Michaels, Books-A-Million, and Target to get craft stuff. We each started painting a canvas with our names on it for outside our office. We made inappropriately shaped cookies too :) We watched Toddlers and Tiaras, and made fun of stupid people! We laughed as I ran around her living room with a giant sperm cookie! I love her. She's hilarious, and a crazy awesome listener/advice giver! OH and I had the salty caramel hot chocolate from starbucks...changed my life! Yum yum yum! I really needed good girl best friend time. We are always so busy with work and at work w/each other that we don't get to hang out and relax! Her sister recommended that I read Beth Moore's "So Long've been a bad friend to us". So we both went out and bought it. I've started reading two pages so far, and its INCREDIBLE! Totally going to help me through my ridiculous insecurities, and become closer to God. Sarah H. and I are also going to start a bible study soon with some other girl friends. I'm excited! I'll try to update on here how the book is going.

I also have other fabulous friends like Sarah K. and Melissa! Sarah and I have the same freakin' life all the time! Our drama falls on the same days! She's hilarious. When we vent we say bad words, and its funny. I'm just as fired up as she is when she's telling me whats going on. My heart was a racing, and I wanted to punch someone I don't even know! I also angry type, and spell things wrong. We both got addicted to looking at today. I have been trying to figure out what to get my future bff Melissa as a baby gift. I found the cutest Beatrix Potter pillow bookends, and a precious pillowcase dress for Miss Jorja! I really love buying baby gifts for people! I just only buy stuff for people I like, is that bad?

I have a horrible crying headache. Today was rough, but got better when God reminded me that I have some pretty incredible friends! I also have a husband who loves me no matter how crazy and emotional I get. He's a tough man to put up with little ole' me!

Random Thought

I searched for a pen I was using all night, and found it stuck in the fat of my thigh. Wow...reason #494949483838382920 that I am going to start walking this week.


  1. I. Love. You. =) I so love that you and Melissa are "future bffs!" When I come home we should all get together and hang out! All of my favorite people! =D

    You have an awesome MIL for calming you down about all that. I would like to know what she told you to say to witchy chick. Oh, and you definitely have to let me know how that book is. I'm sorry you had a rough day, but yay for good friends being there to help!!

    P.S. I love you. =)

    P.P.S. I love that I'm not Sarah B. anymore and that I'm Sarah K. now. It looks way cooler. Lol!

  2. I am looking forward to our future bffness!! And I agree with Sarah, when she comes in we are totally hanging out. Jorja may have to come or you may all have to come to me, but it will be great!!

    I am glad you have an awesome MIL. Mine is pretty awesome too and it helps a lot!

  3. Oh, I'm not sure I could restrain myself from punching someone in the face!!!!

    Funny story... When I was in the middle of my clomid, a friend from work texted me to tell me that she was 9 weeks pregnant, they'd gotten pregnant on their first try and really weren't even trying yet. I had not told people I was taking clomid, so she didn't know she had just knifed me in the heart. It broke my heart. I later was able to tell her about it. Now, her baby is 7 weeks older than J!!

    Keep the faith, girl. It will happen in His time. Nothing is impossible for Him!!