Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday!

I had the best day at work today! God really blessed me today. I'll admit, I was pretty down about my crappy day Wednesday. I was worried the rest of the week would be that way. Today I got a lot done, and dealt well with situations that came up. My kids cracked me up today with silly drama, and goofy moments. One of my favorite parts of my day has been the last hour. I spent a lot of time walking up and down the halls with my job, and I have gotten to know the kids in special ed. They are wonderful, precious angels. I decided to join them last hour to make halloween masks. We had to be really quiet because a class was using the room we were in. These kids have no volume control so you'd randomly hear a "HEY HEY" or "HAPPY FRIDAY". They also giggle at each other, and they would open their mouths really wide as if they were laughing with no noise coming out. I laughed so hard, out loud haha. My mask sucked, but theirs were good! We had a good time. I feel like I have a passion for kids with special needs. Maybe I'll go get my special ed certification one day. Today I felt very loved and appreciated. Everyone I worked with needed me today, and were very appreciative of my help. I am doing a good job! I love my job :)


Kyle made homemade pizzas tonight, and they were DELICIOUS! He's so cute when he cooks because he gets so excited about it. He won't let me help, and is all secretive in the kitchen. He's like a little kid who is proud of himself :)

Baby Making

Well we are on Day 2. I told the nurse I work with at the school about my "lady" finally being here and we both screamed and jumped up and down. Yeah, we are cool. I'm not cramping as bad today which is a plus. Only 3 more days until my first day of Clomid! I have a calendar all ready with dates to pay attention to. I'm ready for this...ready ready ready. God has a plan, and it's all in HIS timing.


I love watching scary movies! We are currently watching Paranormal Activity, and it sucks. I'm weird though...movies like The Strangers totally freak me out, and I refuse to look out my window at night because of it. I saw the movie IT years ago when I was like 7, and I am scared of storm drains and clowns because of it. I love the feeling of being scared while watching a movie. I am also afraid of the dark :) OH MY GOSH I totally watched an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? the other day....still kinda scary!

Random Thought

Does it make me a fatty when I want to eat just icing? Yes :)

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  1. I just wanna say that I freakin' love you!

    And it does NOT make you a fatty if you just want to eat icing. Ok, maybe it does... ;-) But, all the cool people are doing it, so you're ok.

    I'm glad you had a good day. Maybe you could send Kyle to come cook for me? I'm soooooooooo over cooking for myself.