Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I love Falll

The weather has been amazing and crispy in the morning. I love it! It makes me want to go outside and take a long walk. Fall is also a time of awesome shows! Our DVR is overloaded every night with shows we love, and new ones we are trying out. It makes a long work day better when I have couple time full of shows in the evenings!

My husband has been making me feel like a beautiful lady this week. He randomly says sweet little comments like "You are so cute" or "I like you". Ahh the little things :) He's got some big secret plan/present idea for my birthday at the end of the month. I am not a patient person! I want to know what it is now!!!

Baby Makin

Still no "lady". Not sure when to call the nurse/doctor again. Do I just wait a few more weeks? I mean...my body still shouldn't be messed up right? I've had no lady since the middle of July. At the end of August I had blood tests done for pregnancy, thyroid, and something else (I can't remember). Negative P-test, and results all came back normal for the other stuff. I have been stressed, but seriously...it shouldn't keep skipping. Not sure what to do. Maybe I'm avoiding what the possibilities which DO NOT include a baby. I don't think about it much, but I do know eventually I have to get my body back on track. I know I'm a broken record on all this stuff, but its my blog and yeah...I win!

I had an incident happen at work this week that had me more mad than I have been in years! I can't go into detail, but let me tell you..I was fuming!!!! Adults are worse than kids sometimes! I tried using my coping skills I tell kids everyday, but NOTHING would work. I calmed down after hours and hours of my face being hot with fury. Then my WONDERFUL husband took me with him to get his haircut, and dropped me off at Kohl's! I bought myself a pair of jeans. None of my jeans fit from last year because well...I'm a husky girl haha. It's ok, I am proud that I am not in the HUGE size I was a few months ago. Ok fine...the brand is usually too big so I got to buy a size under what I wear. Seriously when did sizes change so much with pants and bras? I have changed bra sizes big time in less than a year. Stupid sizes. I hate you Victoria Secret!!!!!! Your like to make bras for little bitty teeny you know...boobs! Big girls like me get the shaft :(

Random Thought
Why do I still giggle when I hear a fart sound? Seriously....I'm almost 25 years old. I guess it's one of those things that will make me laugh until I am old and gray.

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  1. Ok, here is my opinion. Speaking from someone who took 8 mo to get pregnant. The sooner, you get your body back on track the better. So, I would be calling the doctor. If they tell you to still wait it out, ask them how long. It will help some of the stress to at least know you are doing something about it.
    Oh and as for Victoria Secret- UGH I sooo agree. Even if you can find one in your size, which is normally on the ugly size, the straps are so thin they would cut into your shoulder...annoying!!
    As for your random thought, my sister and SIL were sooo talking about the exact same thing and we decided for whatever reason, farts will prolly always be funny :)