Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So Kyle and I were talking tonight during commercials. I was telling him about a little redneck boy I met today named Draven. Kyle thought it was a stupid name. I told him I had thought of some unique names earlier for our future children. He hates them because he's still 100% set on the ones we already have ready to use. I LOVE the names we have picked out, but I need back up names you know? So here's what we have: Italics are for set in stone names. Tell me what you think!

Allie Kate(Yup Allie off The Notebook)
Madeline Adele(my grandma who died last year's middle name)
Mackenzie Anne(my middle name)

Harrison Wayne(Wayne is my FIL middle name)

Baby Making
Well...haven't been thinking about it much actually! I thought about those baby names stuff today without feeling sad or lacking patience. Woo! Progress!

Today at work I rocked! Lots of progress, and lots of good things happening even though it was hectic for a few hours!

Random Thought
Who invented mini nilla wafers? They are awesome, and make me feel like I'm not being a fatty!


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  2. I understand the "had for a million years" names. We have had names since we first started talking about kids while we were dating. I really like Allie Kate. That is sweet and Harrison is a solid boys name but I have taught for a while and certain names leave a good or bad taste in your mouth. lol I too like the mini wafers ;)