Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Start

Hey! What happened to my blog? I erased all my old posts because I want to start over. Why? I want my blog to have some kind of flow to it, but not sure what. Maybe you have some ideas! Here's what is going on in my life. Hopefully I can focus on a few of these to make my blog worth reading. Help me with ideas!

-Work:4 months into my new job, and still love it! It'd be hard to post about much because I have so much confidentiality (HIPAA).

-Marriage: Past the 1st year mark in this marriage journey. Things are good. I learn something new everyday. I guess I could post about all the ups and downs, and how I learned from those things.

-Friends: I am expanding my group of friends, still small group though

-Church issues: Beliefs, struggles, and trying to figure out where I belong. I struggle with socializing in church because of past "burns" from a previous church.

-Trying to have a baby: Been trying since the end of February. Not tracking it so well because I'm lazy and forget. We aren't in a hurry, but each month of nothing is starting to suck. I had to get some blood tests done this past week because I'm late 2 months due to well not know..the "O" word. Stupid nurses/doctors haven't explained my results to me clearly. Oh well.

-Weight: Trying to encourage myself to get in shape, and lose some weight. I am horrible at diets. think of a category!

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  1. Ugh I know how hard it can be to blog when you are dealing with a lot especially when you can't really post everything. I finally figured out that I needed to reorganize my blog and in order to do it, I had to change to a NEW blog. Which I now Love! If you ever need an understanding ear, we tried for 8 months before we had any luck on the baby front. I know the frustration, disappointment, and stress. And I was also trying to diet. Good luck on the "restart." Can't wait to see what you decide on!