Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last week

Kyle has been extra sweet and snuggly this past week. He's always sweet, but this is love 24/7! I think a lot of it is because he was gone all last week. I love every minute it. I get extra little hugs, and kisses. Last week I was off work for part of the day and we went on a date! We went to Taco Bell for lunch! We totally acted like it was a date, and were all awkward. We do that sometimes. In the car we were like "So uhm I had a great time Kyle. Call me?" and he said something like "Yeah I had a good time too. We should do this again", and then he proceeded with a very inappropriate comment. We were never like that when we dated because we'd known each other for years. I have been extra appreciative of him. I tell him all the time how much I love him and I say thank you and please more!

Baby Makin
I was very frustrated about no baby this week. I torture myself just thinking about it. A few things happened this week that well...I didn't handle well. Kyle's cousin came over to his work to show off their new baby girl Karrigan. I wouldn't even touch the baby. I was so weird! Now newborns scare me because of their wiggly heads, and I'm afraid they will break. I was so awkward, and I know people thought I was a total freak and rude for not wanting to go near the baby. Another part of me doesn't want to be happy for people who have babies right now. How rude right? I'm a terrible person. I'm being selfish and ridiculous! I'm not even trying to have a baby that hard so why am I complaining! I need to stop it. Well this weekend at a tailgate I held one of Kyle's good friend's baby Jacob. I LOVED IT! That baby was sooooo cute and all smiley! He was 5 months old so his head didn't wobble :) Kyle held him first, and I was like all awwwwwwwww because you could tell Kyle wanted a baby really bad at that moment. My husband will be an amazing dad. He's such a caring, and funny person! I'm rambling, sorry. Ok so today Kyle and I had a HUGE talk on Wednesday about all kinds of stuff. The man let me vent, cry, and talk lots of topics out for hours. So here is what happened today....I gave it all up to God. Yup, me...Meagan. I am finally opening up more, and I can talk about God a little bit more comfortably. Woo! So yeah I gave it all to Him today. I felt a HUGE weight lifted. God has a perfect time for a baby, and I will patiently wait.

Pray for me this week if you think about it. Work is stressing me out a little because I don't have a consistent schedule everyday. It's my own fault. Lots going on with the kiddos, and at the school. Pray for the kids I work with. I do everyday.

Random Thought
Why do I buy bananas if I never get around to eating them? I found them today on my counter, and they were all squishy so I made banana nut bread!!

Here's a picture from our lunch date! Oh the wonderful awkward hand touch as we reach for a treat! :) Love it! Yes, we took this picture on purpose. We are cute like that!

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  1. You are silly. And I love you. =)

    You should SERIOUSLY read Taking Charge of Your Fertility if you haven't already. It's very interesting and I think it'll help you understand the "baby makin'" a little bit better. =) I just started reading it and everything is slowly making sense to me.

    P.S. I miss you!!!