Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's in!


I love morning snuggling! Our 10 alarms go off, and we keep hitting off to wait for the next alarm. We'll roll over and snuggle, or hold hands. It's so sweet! The bad thing is when one of us snuggles too tight. We both feel the need to pee, haha...aaaahhh morning pee! You can't snuggle when your bladder is about to explode!

Baby making

I officially have my Clomid (generic brand actually, thanks Walgreens for helping me save money!). I wasn't going to pick it up until my "lady" started back up, but Walgreens kept calling and reminding me my prescription was in haha. I got there, and the lady looked at my meds and walked over to some weird dude. The guy had a thick random accent, and he looked serious as we walked towards me. He started asking me if I knew how "serious and important" the medication. Then he continued to tell me that I need to be "very careful, and track EVERYTHING".'s like I have homework everyday when I get on it! Now I'm afraid I'll mess it all up! I feel like an idiot. I thought a basal thermometer was the same as the normal ones. :( I am not prepared for all this! I suck at researching. Am I terrible? I took day 10 of the progesterone stuff so uhm....LADY where are you???? If you don't appear by Monday I have to start it over :(


Work has been crazy lately. I tried to be all organized all week, and NOTHING has gone as planned. Why do I even try to schedule stuff? I have meetings tomorrow, and then I have to work from 7am-9am saturday. I need a vacation!

Random Thought

I find it very awkward when old boyfriends from like junior high who are married with kids say things like "You were, and are so pretty still". AWKWARD

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