Sunday, October 17, 2010


I was sick this whole weekend, and Kyle was sweet enough to let me sleep and relax . I am not a good sick person. I always think I'm dying. I am constantly sayings "I'm dying" or grabbing his hand saying silly stuff like "If I die you can have the dogs" and my fav in a very sad voice.."love another". I'm weird. We had a really stupid fight tonight over sickness/why I won't go to a doctor made me really sad/mad. I hate fights. We are now sitting next to each other on the couch watching tv...we'll be ok :)

OH OH OH speaking of fights! I totally almost flipped out on a girl this week. I know I am awful at church stuff, and I am very awkward about it. So I don't want to go into the whole story because I am ok with it all now. Basically this girl was trying to encourage me to get involved more in our SS class and church in the total wrong way. She's a very blunt person, and everything she said did not come off right. At one point she said "I just feel so sorry for Kyle sometimes when he has to say "I don't know" when we ask where you are". What the crap? You feel sorry for my husband? Later she said something like "I just don't want you and Kyle to be unhappy". yeah I took it the wrong way. Other things were said, and they were just as offensive even though down deep she had the best intentions. So my hubby talked to her hubby that night and explained how I am with church, and struggles I have. In the end her husband talked to her about it, and I had a FB message apology with a little "I will just never talk about this stuff to you anymore" at the end. I sent a reply back stating again that I appreciate her concern, and explained what made me upset. I got no reply back. Oh well. That whole situation fired me up, and sought Godly counsel from my lovely buddy Sarah Kilbreth! She's the best!

Baby making
So I finally called my doctor's office. I know I know...I should have done it weeks ago. They put me on medroxyprogesterone for 10 days starting this past tuesday. I go to the doctor this coming tuesday to get a pelvic ultrasound, and then immediately go to an appointment with my lady doctor. Hopefully these things will give me answers, right? I feel like something is wrong with me. I wake up, and look at this pudgy squishy girl in the mirror. I need to get motivated to lose weight for myself, and a future spawn. So yeah...that's all I have on this topic.

I'm such a confident person at work on the outside. Inside I am freaking out, and worried I'm messing up all the time. I'm sure I make little mistakes each day, but this week I did something good. I grew a set of man balls, and went out to deal with an issue with grown ups. I was soooooo nervous, but it all worked out fine! Goooooo me! My boss came on Friday for a meeting, and she told me I'm awesome, and am doing a great job. :) I try so hard, and I love my boss for saying things like that to me! I feel like I am too harsh and teachy with kids sometimes, but I guess I'm just being awesome :) This week will be hectic. Lots of random stuff going on, just getting over being sick, and I have those doctors appointments so yeah...pray for me this week.

Random Thought
Why is it when you are sick, and go potty you feel like you could just sit there all day? I guess from all the lack of energy huh?

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