Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I had a bad day

Today sucked! Totally and completely sucked! Lots of crazy stuff going on at work, and it just kept getting worse and worse all day. I didn't have answers for all the questions people asked me today, and I was just overwhelmed. My head is pounding from the crap today. It was just so constant! I had no time to sit down, eat, or drink anything. It's over, but it's not you know? I can't go to bed at 6:40pm knowing that I have a bunch of stuff to get done the next two days. Forgive me if my post isn't upbeat.

My 25th birthday is Sunday! I got my first birthday card yesterday! Woo!


My husband is so funny! He says and does the silliest things sometimes. I have worked really hard lately to put work aside, and enjoy our tv show nights. I always sing the theme song of each show, and Kyle thinks it's adorable and hilarious. It's a gift :) I'm pumped about my birthday! He is really sweet, and loves to surprise me. Morning snuggles are still precious to me! I love holding that boys hand.

Baby Making

Well I started another round of that progesterone stuff today. They gave me 20 pills instead of 10 which I guess is the double dose they were talking about. Let's pray this works! The nurses I talk to are so nice. At Walgreen's they know me now :( They now ask if I would like to speak to the pharmacist about my prescription :/ seriously...I can read instructions! Are these meds so serious that I need assistance? I won't screw it up, no worries! I appreciate the concern.

Not sure if it's all the hormones the meds produce but I had a few days of random crying. I cried/teary eyed when eating breakfast, and watching any of my shows. I hate it! I hate crying because I always get a bad headache that feels like a hangover. Yes, I know what a hangover feels like. I went through a few bad months in college ok. Also, my friend told me today that I have been moody too. Great.


I came into work on saturday to file with my boss for only 4 hours max...we were there 8 freakin' hours! I was filing and filing from 7am-4pm with only a little 30 minute break chatting with a co-worker. Was it hard? No, just time consuming! I swore I forgot my alphabet 1,000 times, stupid alphabetical order. Well I felt accomplished after doing that, and it made up for all the times I may have not put in 100% some days (mainly when I missed 2 hours for doctors appts). Today I got an email from the outpatient clinic manager thanking me for my help. THANK YOU...that made me get through my sucky stupid sucky day! Kyle had some really sweet and funny messages too which helped :)

I have a creepy love of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I know it's a vulgar weird movie, but there a few songs I really like. I LOVED every second of the Rocky Horror Glee last night! I almost peed with excitement! They did an awesome job, and totally kicked the original singers butts. Susan Sarandon was an awful singer in that movie. I still love Glee, don't judge me!

I can't keep up with my housecleaning :( Oh and laundry is the devil! Someone clean my house for me. That's what I want for my b-day...a clean house.

Random Thought

My stupid dog barks alllllll the time (Abby does it too*kyle's dog*). It's VERY annoying, and Kyle is amazing to go deal with her. I'm afraid I'll stop liking her if I deal with her. I had a problem with big dogs when I got her, and thought I'd get over it. I love Dottie, I really do. She's just so big and annoying right now. She barks at the house for no reason. It's ridiculous. I'm embarrassed that she's so bad! I need to just realize that she's a big ol' lab puppy, and they are this way for the first year or two. I just don't want to stop loving her you know? It's silly.

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