Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

I figured I'd post since I'm waiting until it's time to make Pizza Eggrolls for dinner! Sounds good right?

I took 3 days off of work this week for 3 reasons:
1. It's spring break, and it's hard to see any kids.
2. They changed the policies for what to do when schools are out, and I am not a fan.
3. I need a small break after the crappy month I've had at work.

My mom came over everyday to help me get my house clean and organized! Seriously she was SOOOO much help! I had a list of like 30 things I want to get done in the next couple months, and I'm over halfway through. Lots of the other stuff will get done when I start getting stuff from showers. My house is dusted, mopped, vacuumed, and rooms are getting cleared out. We now have bins in each room to go through. Its just random junk we've both brought into the house haha. I didn't realize how much stuff there was to do around here. I got worn out, and my mom helped me lift things. I didn't have to use the preggo card because she wouldn't let me do a bunch of stuff. I worked in my yard a little, and got some pretty flowers. I still have to put new black weed paper down, but I'll do that when I can get help again. So let's hope I can keep my house clean for more than a week! We are both clutter bugs.

Allie Kate has been moving around some. I feel flutters randomly during the day, and especially at night. It's awesome, but I'm ready for the real crazy moving! People say I'm starting to look pregnant, but I still think I look normal and chubby. I finally went and used my maternity clothes giftcard I got for christmas. Oh my goodness.....maternity pants are incredible! I should have been wearing them for years! Clothes have never fit me right. I bought a pair of jean shorts, black capris, khaki capris, and 4 shirts for like $120 which is a pretty good. I can't wear shorts to work this summer so I had to get capris. They are super cute though, and are mucho comfortable. I'm pretty upset that my normal bra store has changed the bras. They don't hold up like they used too :( I have giant "ladies", and I have my whole life. It's a burden, and I hope to shrink them down post baby or have reduction surgery. They don't bother me like you'd think. Every now and then I have back pain, but mainly just those ugly dents in my shoulders. I guess I'm going to have to buy a comfy supportive nursing bra now, or find a new place for bras. Oh well...gotta get what works.

I have been pigging out like crazy this week! I'm like a person on drugs! I snack all the time. Now I don't eat crappy stuff. Mostly I snack on popcorn, leftovers, occasional fries, cookies, pickles, or yogurt. Its a nice mixture of healthy and non healthy stuff. I don't have cravings, but I can tell I have an increase in appetite. I gotta slow it down! I need to start walking ,but I can't get my fat butt up. The past few weeks at work drained every bit of my energy, and all I wanted to do was come home and sit. I am struggling with sleeping lately. I don't know if I'm not sleeping all night, or if I'm just not getting comfortable.

I go back to work tomorrow :( I need to step it up at work, and suck up my frustrations. My job is really great, and I shouldn't gripe. Random...Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti is amazing if you substitute the pimentos with Rotel and add Velveeta instead of all shredded cheese. I'm on day 3 of leftovers!

Yeah...I ran out of things to say. Pizza eggroll time! Pray I don't burn my house down frying!

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