Monday, February 14, 2011

The Day of Love

This day has been pretty awesome! I am blessed to be healthy, have a great job, and fabulous husband! Let me break down my day in small paragraphs!

Today was our 3rd baby appointment. We were there early, and very annoyed by some redneck guy talking loudly to anyone who would listen in the waiting room. Women wait quietly or talk to ladies near them. Men either sit there looking bored out of their minds, or feel the need to talk loudly! I don't get it. This guy talked for a good 15 minutes. The poor guy in front of him was so polite, but you could tell he was losing his patience. This guy kept talking about some shooting in oklahoma and other random crap! I was busy playing solitaire on my phone, and sending messages to Kyle while he was sitting next to me. We got in there and I asked my nurse about her husband. I went to high school with him, and I saw her pic on his facebook yesterday and it took us forever to place her! She was all excited that I knew him, and we talked about it for a while. I gave her a lovely urine sample too! I actually spilled some of it on myself, but she didn't know that. It's hard to get all your pee in a cup! She checked my blood pressure, and it is still very good. We chatted for a bit, and then we waited for the doctor. Kyle and I have the best time waiting. We sit there, and he laughs at me while I get all nosy in the room. I read everything on the wall, and wiggle my legs on the table. My doctor came in, and immediately asked if I have been getting sick recently. No ma'am! Apparently I have lost 5lbs!! Yay!!! I bet it's from that week I had a sinus infection, and lived off soup. I also am eating a whole lot better, and less than normal. Gooooo me! Best diet I've ever been on, and actually stuck to! She then got out the doppler thing to check the heartbeat. It took forever for her to find it! I was getting nervous, but she said "Hey its ok it just takes some time". I love her...she's very comforting. She's pressing down on my organs and all the sudden we hear "Swwwwiiiick"! I was confused and thought it was maybe my tummy growling weird, but she said it was a KICK! Yeah, my baby got mad and kicked at or around the doppler thing! How cool is that???!!! I don't feel it yet though :( She eventually found the heartbeat. It's the best sound in the world :) She said "baby sounds perfect". Yes! I have a perfect heartbeat baby! We then had to schedule our ultrasound appointment! We are both dying to know what it is, and well I want to go before the growing kids sale on March 10-12th. Originally we would have gone to the doctor March 14th, but she is letting us come in March 10th!! 24 days until I find out what it is!!!!!! I swear its a boy. I have no idea why, but I do. So the countdown begins!

I have honestly been a slacker since the year started. I don't really know why, but I have. Recently I have been trying to break some bad lazy habits! Today I wanted to get my stuff done so I could go home, and get my rolls out to rise. I have a certain productivity number to reach, and today I surpassed it by over 10! I'm so proud of myself! It was a great day at work! I haven't seen the kids since last tuesday due to snow. There was some normal drama, but I had some good times with a few of them. There is a special place in my heart for those kiddos :)

Kyle and I were already very excited because of the fun doctor's appointment, and knowing when we get to find out boy/girl! Something about hearing a kick just made our day. I'm so blessed to be problem free, and healthy! Kyle and I sent each other sweet messages all day, and I thought of him constantly. Ok so this is not out of the ordinary haha. I came home early to find him at the house putting my flowers and gifts on the counter! He's so sweet! He has good taste in flowers, and I got a random assortment. It's pretty, and smells yummo! When he got home from work he was romantic. There I am in pajamas, and my hair up and he thinks I'm just the most gorgeous thing ever. Silly boy! I love him so much! I honestly feel like I fall in love with him more and more each day. He's going to be such an amazing daddy! I love seeing how excited he gets about it! Ok time to go snuggle with my lovebug!

Valentine's Day 2011

Let's look at what's there! There is a delicious red velvet cake from Paul's Bakery for my man! I made him a few cards with construction paper. I bought him a "Daddy & Me" frame :) He bought me some pretty amazing beautiful perfect flowers in cute vase thing!!! I like flowers, except for the fact that they die. He got me a box of chocolates, and a very very very thoughtful card!

I bought some good quality steak's from Paul's Meat Market, and we made PW Ribeye with Whiskey Cream Sauce. Oh my was fantabulous! I made some creamy mashed potatoes, and rosemary rolls too. We are stuffed! I have not been this stuffed in years! I can barely move. We are both zombies in our fat pants. Somehow we managed to eat some cake 30 minutes later hah!

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